In today’s blog post we are going to look at how to delete and permanently remove those browser cookies from three different web browsers

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  3. Mozilla Firefox

Before we remove any browser cookies, let’s go ahead and cover some basics. Cookies also known as an “http cookie” or a “browser cookie” are small text files that are stored locally on your PC or computer. These are placed by different websites that you may have visited or sites that you may have logged into with a username and password combination. So why use cookies in the first place? Well they really are helpful in tracking visitors and also validating them if they are a returning visitor. The websites are trying to get an understanding of what you do when you are on their site and if you are going to come back.

So why are cookies bad? Well the conventional wisdom is that as websites are collecting more and more information about your browsing activity, they may use that at some point in any manner that may not be acceptable to you! Generally it is a good idea to periodically get rid off or delete cookies; this can also help speed up your browsing speed. Having said that, let’s go ahead and look at how we can delete these little tiny files


Remove cookies from Google Chrome – Version 26

Before we do anything, let us show you where Google Chrome stores its cookies file. They are going to be in this folder or something similar to it:

C:\Users\baghul\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

We have included a computer screenshot below of our file for your convenience. As you can see cookies.txt lists some of the visited websites and some gibberish type info.





So now you ready to delete some cookies and not eat them?? Go to Chrome Menu button (it looks like a bunch of lines on the top right corner). Next on the fly-out click on Settings:

Chrome Button > Settings

Go to History option on the left side. This is going to list all the websites and blogs you have frequented recently. We have included a monitor screen capture right below.




Go ahead and make my day! Click on “Clear Browsing History” towards the top of the page. This will bring up a new dialog box and we have included it in the next image right below.




Make sure Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data option is checked. And then zap all the coolies by selecting Clear browsing data.


Delete cookies from Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10

Next we are going to move on to IE Version 10 and see how we can delete http cookie. From the file menu, choose Tools. If you do not see the menu bar, you can try the keyword combination Alt + T

Tools > Internet Options

Interestingly you can get to this same place via Control Panel also, who would’ve thunk that?

Control Panel > Internet Options

Next go ahead and browse to the General tab. We have included a computer monitor screen short capture right below for your convenience.




In the middle section, you will see Browsing History. Next you want to Click Delete. This will bring up yet another dialog box. Make sure Cookies and website data is checked. It’s up to you but I would recommend selecting Temporary Internet Files option as well.

Here is a computer monitor image shown right below.




Click Delete to get rid of all the cookies on Internet Explorer.


Get rid of cookies from Mozilla Firefox 20.0.1

The third browser we are going to look at is Mozilla Firefox. On the menu bar, click on Tools or do the shortcut Alt + T. Next do the following:

Tools > Options

Click on Privacy tab on the top

Next you have two options.

You can Clear Recent History. If you picked this option, you will see the following dialog box. Pick the time range to clear, we picked Last Hour. Expand the Details options and make sure Cookies is selected. We have included a screen short right below for your ease.




Click Clear Now

The next option is to Remove Individual cookies. If you clicked Remove cookies choice, you will get this screen shot




You can choose to delete specific cookies or Remove All Cookies. For us we picked remove all cookies option. Then click Close and then click Ok on the main screen.

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