How to delete windows files from your PC

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In today’s blog post, we are going to show you how to as delete a particular type of file from a specific folder in Microsoft Windows. For today’s topic, we are using Windows 7 Home Premium edition. The GUI for your computer screen may look different depending on your operating system. Using this information, you should be able to delete any type of file from your computer.

Let’s go ahead and get started. For today’s exercise we are interested in removing .bmp (bitmap) files from the Pictures folder. These files tend to be fairly big in size and are taking up more than their fair share on my lil machine with limited resources, yes I am still running Pentium PII. So let’s go ahead and nuke them!! There are several ways by which you can delete files on a Windows PC. We’re going to show you one of the simplest ways to do that. Go ahead and do the following:

Step 1: Find the Files to be deleted

Click Start button and then Computer. This should load up a screen similar to the one shown below.



Since we mentioned, we are only interested in deleting the .bmp files from the Pictures folder. In your case you may have different needs. From the left pane, select Pictures folder (shown in Red). Next in the top right box (Search..), go ahead and type *.bmp. What this means is that you do not care what the file name starts with but it needs to end with .bmp. A screen capture of this is shown right below.



Step 2: Remove the actual Files

As you can see that we have 60 files in our Picture folders. Let’s go ahead and delete some of them, at least the ones from 2011. I’m going to go ahead and select 8 of these files. If you want to select multiple files to be deleted, you can left click on the file, hold down the Ctrl key and then left click another file. If the deleted files happen to be together in the correct order, you can even left click, hold the Shift key and then use the down arrow to select multiple files. This is how we selected our files.

Now we are ready to delete the files in windows. You have two choices on removing files from your PC.

  1. You can simply press the Del (delete) key, which should take them out
  2. You can right click on the mouse and then choose Delete from the menu. We have chosen to go forward with this method. Here is a graphical representation of this.



Next you will get a dialog box asking you if you would like to move items to Recycle Bin. Think of a Recycle Bin as a junkyard in the computer world. Also this is a fail-safe, in case you delete the wrong files and need to recover them in a jiffy. We will go ahead and click Yes.



Step 3: Verify the Files to be deleted

At this point we have deleted the files. We can verify this by looking at the number of remaining files in our folder. You can see from the following screen capture that we only have 52 files left in our Pictures folder.



This concludes a quick demo on how to deter the files from your computer. If you want to read more about different file types on your computer, please visit this site:




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